Oxygenated water is the 20th century innovation and has proven its success in the United States of America and Europe.  People are realizing the need for a subsidiary product to provide them with pure Oxygen for the health of their mind and body.  This product is highly beneficial for the general health.

  • Packaging        24 bottles x 380 ml per carton

  • Origin              China

Zenj Agency Co. a sister company of Zenj Food Co. is the agent and representative of Life O2 SuperOxygenated Water in GCC and Arab World region.  Where its core objective is to appoint distributors, work on targets and marketing plans including design and artwork for promotion materials, and report sales progress in the region to Life O2 Company.  Authorization Letter

Distributors are required for blew countries:

GCC Countries:

1.      Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2.      Qatar

3.      Oman

4.      Abu Dhabi

 Arab Countries:

1.      Syria

2.      Jordan

3.      Lebanon

4.      Iraq

5.      Yemen

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Contact Person: Ms. Sara Hamad Abul

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